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      3. LifePoint Facilities Recognized for Opioid Light ED Collaborative Pilot Participation
        Date Posted: Mar 19, 2019
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        Five LifePoint facilities were recognized at the Tennessee Hospital Association's (THA) Annual Medication Safety Summit on February 21 for their participation in the organization's Opioid Light ED Collaborative Pilot program. Sumner Regional Medical Center and its freestanding emergency department (ED) called Sumner Station, Starr Regional Medical Center's Athens and Etowah campuses and Southern Tennessee Regional Health System-Lawrenceburg were among 38 Tennessee health facilities to participate in the first phase of the program, which focuses on reducing the use of opioids in the ED as a critical component of combating the greater opioid epidemic. For more information about the THA Medication Safety Summit and this pilot program, click here.